Data Protection

Data protection at SDU

On this site, you can read about how SDU processes personal data as well as your rights, if SDU is registering your information.

Protection of personal data

Data in the TACsy project is handled by each institution, following their given rules and regulations. The consortium strives to follow all country and institutional obligations around personal data to ensure that personal data are not misused and that affected individuals know who are treating their information and why.

In TACsy, personal data for students applying to participate in the project will be shared betwen consortium members only, for recruitment reasons only, and this information will be secured at The University of Southern Denmark and shared with the EU for reporting purposes only.

Data protection officer

As TACsy is coordinated by the University of Southern Denmark, a designated data protection officer (DPO) who advises employees and students about legislation and rules for data protection is available for consultation. You can contact SDU’s data protection officer, Simon Kamber, at , if you have any questions concerning SDU’s handling of your personal information. 

Privacy policy

TACsy members will only collect/use personal data if relevant for project needs and will express this clearly to participants who come into contact with the project (meetings, seminars, etc.). Otherwise data will not be collected.

Applied section

According to the general data protection regulation (GDPR) and the Danish data protection law, SDU, as data controller, must inform registered individuals about their rights concerning the processing of their personal information.

SDU registers personal data in accordance with the general data protection regulation, specifically paragraphs 6, 9 and 10. Personal data used in research projects are registered under the authority of the Danish data protection law § 10.

Other countries’ laws on data protection are enforced when events are held in those locations.

Processing and retention

SDU’s data processing is designed to be private and confidential. Personal data are processed and retained within the university’s administrative systems. When the information is no longer needed for its original purpose, it will either be deleted or stored within SDU’s recordkeeping systems. This applies strictly for the recruitment process of TACsy.

Right of access

Generally, registered individuals can at any time contact SDU () to gain a copy of their personal information retained in SDU systems. Exempt from this are personal data included in research projects and stored by SDU. For access at other institutions, please contact a member of their institution directly, or the TACsy project manager.


Registered individuals have the right to object to the processing of their personal information unless the university is processing the information as part of a research project.


If SDU has obtained consent to process the data from the registered individual, said individual can at any time withdraw their consent. Consequently, the university is not entitled to continue the processing of data after the consent has been withdrawn.

Consent at other institutions may be handled in a different manner and are subject to that countries regulations.

Filing a complaint with the Danish Data Protection Agency

Registered individuals can file a complaint concerning the processing of their data with the Danish Data Protection Agency .